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Here is what the infrastructure bill means for your family.

Late Friday night, I voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the House.

Here is what it means for folks in Washington state and across the country:

For starters, it is a big, bold investment for the long-term future of our nation's roads, bridges, airports, ports. We are way behind in rebuilding, maintaining, and modernizing the critical infrastructure that keeps people and goods moving. In Washington state alone, 400 bridges are structurally deficient and 6500 need repairs. The supply chain shocks we are all experiencing highlight how critical these investments really are.

It is the next big step in taking on climate change. We have more to do, of course, but this bill will make big investments in zero- and low-emission busses, and ferries. The investment in cleaner ferries is especially big right here in our district—where we have the largest ferry system in America and one that is responsible for 73% of our state's transportation carbon emissions.

The plan will invest in mass transit, bike, and pedestrian networks, build out a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers, upgrade our electric grid to make it ready for green energy sources, and protect our energy system against cyberattacks and extreme weather.

Our transportation plan also includes a major expansion and recommitment to passenger rail service nationwide, especially for critical routes connecting communities in Northwest Washington to Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Vancouver BC.

And we are doing it all by putting hundreds of thousands of people to work in high-paying, union jobs.

All told, this is a very big deal.

Of course, we are not done yet. Next, up, it is time to get our work done on the Build Back Better plan to make even more investments to stop the climate crisis and lower the cost of living for families through affordable housing, child care, elder care, prescription drugs, health care, and more. And we will pay for it all by raising taxes on people making over $10 million a year and corporations that hide profits overseas.

Stay tuned.


Posted on November 8, 2021.