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little superheroes and spooky monsters

Oh sure, it is easy enough to write an email comparing some Republican to a ghoul or another to a vampire.

I will leave that to other folks. Because you know what? When I think of Halloween, I do not think of monsters—I think of children and families; of parents taking their kids out in the twilight, of bright-eyed smiles, of hopefulness and excitement as we meet our neighbors for a fun celebration of community.

That is the kind of America I dream of for our children, one where kids can focus on being kids, on learning and growing. And not one where hunger, or fear, or uncertainty push their dreams out of reach, bit by bit. Every day.

... and not just on Halloween. Every day. Here are just a few examples:

And of course, our critical investments to take on climate change, make health care affordable, expand opportunity, are all about building a brighter future for our kids. The list goes on. Because so much is on the line right now.

All of this and more is on my mind this Halloween, because I just want to be able to live in an America where every child has reason to smile—and not just because they have a bucket full of candy.

Happy Halloween.

Rick Larsen
Posted on October 31, 2021.