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An election is happening in 11 days. Are you ready?

Amid our build-up to the 2022 midterm election, we cannot forget that local elections are happening now! And it is critical that you make your voice heard by voting today.

There are just 11 days until Election Day, and folks can register to vote online up until October 25. (You can register in-person up to and on Election Day.)

Check your registration, update your address, or register to vote for the first time.

Off-year elections like this are an important step in ensuring that our government is as effective and representative as possible.

From local school boards, to city council offices, to county leadership roles, each individual election is an opportunity to move our communities into a brighter future.

Don't sit on the sidelines this year. Exercise your vote and make your voice heard.

We must do our part in Washington state by voting, and urging our friends, neighbors, and loved ones to do the same. Share this email with anyone you know that needs a little reminder!

Rick Larsen
Posted on October 22, 2021.