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We have a meaningful chance to create millions of family-wage jobs, rebuild our aging roads, bridges and highways and take big steps forward to save our planet.

That is the potential of the infrastructure package currently being debated in Congress.

Negotiation is ongoing, but I am confident that we will see a progressive infrastructure deal very soon that does right by Washingtonians by investing in our communities.

That means replacing or repairing our aging bridges, putting green transit like bicycles and electric buses at the center of our networks, expanding broadband internet access to rural communities, expanding Amtrak and ensuring rail safety, supporting airport renovations in ways that reduce pollution, expanding apprenticeship programs, and so much more.

After months of negotiation, now is the time we have to act. We are in the throes of discussion, so close to a generational investment in our workers and environment. The people of Washington state are counting on us to get this done.

As I visit towns and cities across the district, from Everett to Bellingham and beyond, it is clear that Congress needs to hurry up and do its job. I am of the mind that, especially as we navigate a difficult pandemic, the best thing we can do for our families is create good, local jobs and build lasting infrastructure that our children and grandchildren are going to rely on. And we can and must do it while taking critical steps to save our planet.

The benefits of a green infrastructure system are too important. Our children, their children, and future generations are counting on us to get this right.

Now is absolutely the time to invest in America. Our infrastructure package in Congress does exactly that.

The House has voted on versions of this initiative, and is currently ironing out final details with our Senate colleagues. When all is done, President Joe Biden will sign a remarkable piece of legislation that does right by our workers, families, and communities.

I will have more for you soon.


Posted on September 17, 2021.