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Yesterday in Afghanistan

Yesterday in Afghanistan, an explosion killed dozens of people — including 13 American servicemembers. The central Asian branch of the Islamic State (ISIS-K) has claimed responsibility.

This terrorist attack is as sickening as it is horrific. The American response to this attack needs to be tactical and proportional.

But our mission will continue. Afghanistan is America's longest war. And after nearly 20 years, it is time to leave.

The evacuations of Americans, our allies, and of those Afghans who aided our cause will be completed — no matter how long it takes.

My congressional office is working around the clock to ensure that Americans and allied Afghans with ties to Northwest Washington make it out. We have had 20 open cases representing roughly 80 people – in my district alone.

My heart breaks for the families of those killed in this latest attack. We must honor their sacrifice by finishing the mission for which they gave their lives.


Posted on August 27, 2021.