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Fight corruption, protect our democracy and expand voting rights

The months surrounding the November election were filled with conspiracy theories and not-so-veiled attempts to suppress the vote. These insidious actions by the former president led to the horror of January 6th and damaged our democracy.

But the calculated attacks on our democracy and attempts to silence voters did not stop there.

GOP lawmakers in 43 states have introduced over 250 bills aimed at suppressing the vote. These bills vary state by state, but the intent is the same. They want to make voting more difficult. They want to restrict access to our democracy.

Last week, I voted for the For The People Act to break down barriers to our democracy and expand voting rights. The For The People Act is the most significant voting rights and democracy reform legislation in more than half a century.

This bill will give power back to the people and helps build a more equitable future by strengthening voting rights, expanding access to the ballot box, holding elected officials accountable, and getting dark money out of politics. This is urgent legislation. The Senate must act to restore our democracy and ensure that the power of our democracy lies with the people.

The For The People Act, which has now passed the House, will:

We passed this law in the House in 2019. We have now passed it again, and this time, in light of January 6th and the voter suppression bills in states across this country, the Senate must take action to protect our democracy.

But to get it done, we need to speak out loudly with one voice.

Please sign my petition and demand that Congress take action to protect our democracy.


Posted on March 10, 2021.