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100% League of Conservation Voters 2020 Scorecard!

For four years, Donald Trump and his allies engaged in unrelenting attacks on our environment and denied that climate change is real. They worked to gut the Environmental Protection Agency, open up the Arctic refuge to drilling, and prioritized their big oil and gas allies at every opportunity.

We have to move past this climate denial. Climate change is real and we must tackle it head-on for the health of our citizens, our planet and our economy.

A healthy environment is important to our region's economy and way of life. I am committed to increasing funding for low and zero-emission buses and ferries, investing in public transit, making transportation and the electric grid cleaner through new renewable energy infrastructure.

I have always supported a cleaner, healthier environment with good-paying green jobs for Northwest Washington families. And that is why I am honored to have received a score of 100% on the 2020 League of Conservation Voters Scorecard.

Protecting our environment is urgent. Please chip in $3 right now and let's keep working together to fight climate change and protect our clean air, land, and water.

Just because Donald Trump is out of office, does not mean his ideas are gone.

We need to organize because all of this will be back on the ballot. It is on us to be the first line of defense against those who are denying climate change and ignoring the critical opportunity of our green energy future.

I am asking for your support right now. Please donate $3 and let's keep up this fight.


Posted on February 25, 2021.