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We won't let them steal our democracy. We will fight back.

Donald Trump and his allies are attempting to overturn the results of November's free and fair presidential election.

More than half of the Republicans in the House, along with a dozen members of the Senate, have joined this undemocratic effort to overturn our election. It is shameful and we cannot let it work.

Please chip in $3 right now and let's fight for our democracy together.

This outrageous attempt to undermine our election is doomed to fail, but it will still hurt our democracy.

We have to fight back. We have to stand up for our democracy and the constitution.

If this were happening anywhere else in the world, we would be calling it what it is: authoritarian, outrageous, and undemocratic. It's simply un-American.

Let's be clear: Congress WILL certify Joe Biden's victory. Donald Trump's whining, pressuring, and undemocratic posturing will not change that.

What we must change, however, is our country's path. That starts with us. We must affirm our country's democracy and its principles.

Please chip in $3. We must fight these undemocratic efforts to overturn November's election results.

Never give in. Never give up.


Posted on January 5, 2021.