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Washington state knows vote by mail works

Voting rights are critical to a functioning democracy. In 2016, I was a vice chair of the first congressional caucus dedicated to voting rights. We worked to educate folks about voter suppression tactics, inform them of their rights as voters, and draft legislation to protect voters from suppressive and discriminatory tactics.

The fact that so many people face barriers to casting their ballot is destructive to our democracy. And the latest hurdle? Safely and effectively navigating the 2020 elections in the midst of a pandemic.

Folks should not have to choose between exercising their constitutional right to vote and putting their health at risk — that is why I have come together with my colleagues in Congress to support national, emergency vote-by-mail ballots.

Washington state knows the benefits of voting by mail, including that it:

Despite what the president claims, it is well-established that democracies work best when everyone who can vote does vote, and every vote is tamper-proof and secure.

Sign the petition: allow for the greatest participation in our democracy AND protect our nation from COVID-19 by implementing nationwide vote-by-mail protocols.


Posted on April 11, 2020.