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Have you filled out the census?

There is something we can do during these times to help make sure our community gets the resources it needs for the next decade: respond to the 2020 census.

In case you need a refresher, the census, which is mandated by the Constitution, counts every person in the U.S. and five U.S. territories every ten years.

The census results help inform how billions of dollars in federal funding is distributed and determines how many seats in Congress each state will have. From school meals, wildlife restoration and educational programs to plans for highways and support for families in need, the 2020 census will affect the future of our community in a number of ways.

You may have also heard some rumors about the census. But rest assured, the 2020 census does not ask about citizenship status and your answers cannot be shared with law enforcement. The Census Bureau, which conducts the census, is required by law to protect your personal information and keep it confidential.

You can respond to the 2020 census:


Posted on April 2, 2020.