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Rick Larsen for Congress


It's time to get smart

Today is Read Across America Day, an annual reading motivation and awareness program developed to improve reading skills among our kids and create lifelong learners. Today, I want you to consider the commitments we've made to our students.

It's important to read to children.

Funding for public education is a frequent target in Congress. Attacks range from education in the arts, music, and skills training, to critical services like reduced-cost and free lunch programs.

In Congress, I've worked with my colleagues on bipartisan solutions to enhance the educational opportunities in Northwest Washington.

  • Securing additional funding for schools that serve military students, like the Oak Harbor School District.

  • Passing reforms to the flawed "No Child Left Behind" standards to provide states with greater flexibility to tailor education to community needs, and maintain funding for lower-income schools.

  • Introduced legislation to expand summer meal access to support lower-income families.

  • Working to expand federal funding for STEM skills training, programs to assist students with disabilities, and increase school safety standards.

Access to quality education – regardless of your zip code – has never been more important. Students are no longer just competing with other children in the neighborhood, but at a global level for admission to American colleges and, eventually, for jobs.


Posted on March 2, 2020.

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