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Rick Larsen for Congress


Today, we're choosing our democracy

This Morning, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve rules to impeach Donald Trump.

Simply speaking, this means the House has voted on a set of rules and agreements that will now take the impeachment proceedings to a public phase after months of investigations and fact-finding missions.

In July, I shared with you why I support impeaching Donald Trump.

In September, my support for impeachment was strengthened when the White House released details of the president's phone call asking a foreign leader to dig up dirt on the president's political opponents. Since then, we have heard from multiple officials confirming the president used his office to withhold foreign aid in exchange for personal gain against political opponents. That is a grotesque abuse of the power of the Oval Office.

Sadly, this administration has attempted to intimidate and silence those called to testify, and recently a national security official refused to appear on the grounds of 'judicial clarity.'

We will not be deterred.

Democrats are maintaining clear, transparent procedural guidelines in order to gather information before we would move to perhaps the heaviest responsibility a Member of Congress could have: drawing up articles of impeachment against the president.

More soon,


Posted on October 31, 2019.

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