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Rick Larsen for Congress


It is time to impeach Donald Trump

It is time to impeach Donald Trump.

This is a decision I did not come to lightly. Impeachment transcends party and politics. Exercising this authority is one of the heaviest responsibilities a Member of Congress has. You can read my Op-Ed on impeachment in today’s Everett Herald.

I came to this decision following the president’s statement that some members of Congress should go back to the countries they came from.

It is clear from this message that the president lacks any understanding of what it means to be a U.S. citizen. He is willfully ignorant to what it takes to become a citizen, and what it means to the people of the world to strive for the dream of being an American. His comments do not protect the concept of U.S. citizenship or what it means to be American. They undermine it.

I must also address the racism in the president’s message. His racism is disgusting. His use of “go back to where you came from” dredges up some of the worst impulses coursing through U.S. history.

The president’s actions are eroding the fundamentals of democracy and our country. Therefore he should not be president.


Posted on July 19, 2019.

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