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Rick Larsen for Congress


We cannot grow our economy at the expense of our environment

It's Earth Day.

A clean, healthy environment is vital to our way of life in Washington and directly tied to the strength of our regional economy.

As the weather warms up in the Pacific Northwest, millions of Americans explore the region. Outdoor recreation yields 7.6 million jobs nationwide, playing specifically important roles for rural economies and local businesses.

We cannot grow our economy at the expense of our environment. That's why I am fighting to establish District 2 as a center for renewable energy innovation to grow our economy responsibly.

In Congress, I'm working to ensure the preservation of Washington's public lands and waterways; advocating for legislation that invests in green jobs and renewable energy; and securing funding to restore salmon habitats.


Posted on April 22, 2019.

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Rick Larsen

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Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.