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Let's do better by our servicemembers

Recently, I met Michelle Bartz, the widow of Lieutenant Colonel Paul Bartz, who was tragically killed in action in Afghanistan. After more than 20 years as an active duty spouse, Michelle rightfully received Survivor Benefits to sustain her family. But when she decided to transfer those benefits to their son Logan, he was unfairly subjected to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

That's just wrong!

Our servicemembers risk everything for our country and to protect our freedom. That sacrifice is shared by their families as well: parents, children, siblings, spouses. If we want to honor that sacrifice, we have to do better than taxing Survivor Benefits like a trust fund.

That's why I've partnered with Rep. John Carter (TX-31) to introduce the Children of Fallen Servicemembers Relief Act. This bill would exempt Survivor Benefits from AMT calculations so that no one has to pay a penalty after suffering the loss of a loved one. We must treat our Gold Star families with the respect and appreciation they have worked hard to earn. And this bill is a small – but important – gesture toward that end.

When tragedy befalls military families, the last thing they should worry about is unjust taxes. I'm fighting to make sure that when our fallen heroes are laid to rest, their families can rest assured they'll be taken care of.

Let's do better,


Posted on March 27, 2019.