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I'm with them 100%

Today, students in nearly 100 countries will participate in a strike to draw attention to the climate crisis. Students are walking out of school to educate the rest of the world about what is at stake: our planet and their futures.

Our students shouldn’t have to make these sacrifices to ignite action from their governments, but it is inspiring to see them speak up. I am proud to stand with them today, and every day, on climate change.

Climate change is the greatest man-made challenge of our time and we must act now. This month, I voted in support of a public lands package which will protect 1.3 million acres of wilderness. This is imperative to saving our environment and our local economy. Outdoor recreation yields 200,000 jobs and contributes over $26 billion to Washington's economy.

The decisions we make today can drastically alter our children's futures. They're right, it's time to act on climate.


Posted on March 15, 2019.