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We won't let his Gag Rule silence us

A never-ending attack on women. That's what Donald Trump will be remembered for.

His most recent offense? Changes to Title X, restricting patients' access to medically safe family-planning information and banning federally-funded health care providers from even referring patients to other clinics for abortion services – rightfully named the "gag rule" by reproductive rights advocates.

Trump packed his Health and Human Services department with anti-choice, anti-health, and anti-women officials who have upheld his campaign vow to defund Planned Parenthood.

Millions of low-income people across the country who don't have reliable access to critical health care services rely on Title X for birth control, cancer screenings, STI tests, and more. Millions of people turn to organizations like Planned Parenthood for those services.

This is an attack not only on women's rights to make their own well-informed decisions about their bodies but, also an attack on our medical professionals ability to do their jobs.

This is wrong.

I will fight against this. I will not sit quietly while marginalized, low-income Americans – often communities of color – become victims to Donald Trump's hateful policies yet again.

Stand strong,


Posted on February 22, 2019.