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Sign the petition: strengthen our elections.

Our country was built on the very idea of democracy.

Voter ID laws are discriminatory. Congress should be looking for ways to break down barriers in states so all people can fully participate in our democracy. That's why, with a new Democratic House majority, we've introduced a sweeping election reform bill to clean up the corruption in Washington D.C.

Tell Congress it's time we restore our democratic values and pass real reform. Sign the petition to repair our elections now.

The American Votes Act bill will fight discriminatory laws that disenfranchise citizens and undermine our democracy. If passed, this bill will stop big money from buying our elections, end partisan gerrymandering, make voter registration automatic, hold congressional members to higher ethical standards, and strengthen our elections.

Stand with me. Sign the petition telling Congress to pass real election reform.

It's time to make our government for the people again.


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Posted on February 21, 2019.