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Rick Larsen for Congress


An Opportunity

Last night, the president was presented with an opportunity.

Hours before the State of the Union address, I outlined my hopes for the speech:

  • A commitment to invest in infrastructure: advanced technology at ports of entry, more immigration judges and customs personnel – no wall.
  • A trade agenda focused on local economic growth.
  • An investment in future generations through education: skills training, quality, public education K-12, and increased access to STEAM programs.
  • A national plan to combat the opioid epidemic.
  • A return to government accountability: clean up corruption, restore voting rights, and ensure the people are the priority – not corporations.

2020 will present another crossroads. If this address has illustrated anything, it's that the Trump Administration is unwilling to meet the needs of the people.

It is critical that we uphold our values. Like so many other unprecedented events since 2016, we are gearing up to defend our majority in 2020 now. Chip in and help us maintain our momentum.

Together, we can improve the state of our nation.


Posted on February 6, 2019.

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