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Rick Larsen for Congress


There is no upside to the trade war

The Trump administration manufactured a trade war for no good reason. It's bad for business. Bad for farmers. And bad for America.

Washington exported close to $77 billion in goods last year, from airplanes to apples. As the most trade-dependent state in the nation, Trump's tariffs disadvantage Washington more than any other state.

Steel tariffs threaten 146,000 U.S. jobs including in Washington's aerospace industry.

Our agricultural industry has been hit hard by retaliatory tariffs on salmon, cranberries, apples, and cherries.

Family farmers have to swallow their pride and accept government bailouts to avoid bankruptcy.

The price of Trump's trade war with China and other trading partners? Higher prices for consumers, layoffs, fewer new jobs, and a suffering global economy.

Sign the petition to demand an end to the catastrophic Trump tariffs.

Instigating a trade war so our president can look tough has done nothing but weaken our economy. Americans deserve better.



Posted on December 4, 2018.

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