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Rick Larsen for Congress


Washington needs Lisa Brown.

Democrat Lisa Brown has made tremendous strides towards Washington’s 5th District Congressional seat. We're now looking at a "toss-up" for a historically red seat!

Voters in Eastern Washington are rallying to support a candidate who will stand up to Trump and his agenda that hurts working folks and divides Americans.

The people of Eastern Washington are working tirelessly to get Lisa elected, and we can all do our part to help make that happen.

Join me in supporting Lisa Brown for Washington.

Chip in to put Lisa Brown over the top in her bid to flip the 5th from red to blue.

Lisa Brown is a proven leader who, in the state House of Representatives, and later in the state Senate, worked to make sure Eastern Washington got its fair share of funding for public schools and infrastructure.

Then, as chancellor of Washington State University Spokane, Lisa led WSU’s rapid growth and creation of a second public medical school in our state. Thanks to Lisa’s leadership we’ve seen a dramatic expansion in health care access across Eastern Washington.

Lisa is a first-generation college graduate who went on to earn a PhD in economics and became an associate professor at Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga University.

Lisa brings the background and leadership we need to move our economy forward—for everyone.

Join me in supporting Lisa Brown for Washington.


Posted on September 28, 2018.

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Rick Larsen represents Washington state's 2nd Congressional District. Rick was born and raised in Arlington and his family has called Northwest Washington home for over a century. Learn more.