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Rick Larsen for Congress


It's immoral to do nothing:

The debate on gun safety in Congress lacks common sense.

It's like if your doctor turned to you during an exam and said, "I'm sorry, you are really sick. But it's a little too soon to start talking about a cure.”

Massacres are happening across the country – including too many times right here in Northwest Washington.

But when the public wants to talk about gun violence prevention, like clockwork, the gun lobby — led by the NRA — jumps into action, smearing any discussion of how to prevent future atrocities as improper, disrespectful, or even immoral.

There is nothing immoral about wanting to stop gun violence.

But what is immoral is doing nothing – while an average of 92 Americans die to gun violence every day. Inaction in the face of a threat that dangerous is negligence bordering on complicity.

Unfortunately, this month, at the NRA's urging, Congress voted to weaken concealed carry permit regulations. I voted NO, because I'm tired of Washington D.C. moving in the wrong direction on gun violence.

Where should we go from here? Please join me on Facebook today: let's have a conversation about what comes next in the fight to end gun violence here in America.


Posted on December 19, 2017.

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