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SURVEY (just one question!)

For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful.

With Joe Biden in the White House, we are taking action on so many important fronts: climate change, foreign policy, national security and immigration to name a few. But our number one priority remains ending the pandemic and addressing the economic crisis. Vaccine distribution is speeding up and we have taken the first steps in Congress to get another round of needed financial aid and support to the American people.

We will end this pandemic.

We need vaccines distributed, kids back in school, businesses reopened, and folks back at work. And we need financial relief for everyone that has been knocked down by the pandemic so that we can get back on our feet.

And, once the pandemic is over, we will still have a lot to do. So, my question is: Other than ending the pandemic, what are your highest priorities?

Will you click here and answer this short one-question survey?

And if you want to write me back, that would be great, too!


Posted on February 9, 2021.